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Map Card: Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a landlocked country in western Europe.  It is surrounded by France, Germany, and Belgium. A mapcard of Luxembourg I received through private swap.

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42 Cards Today! {November 3, 2011}

This is the highest number of postcards I received ever.  And of that, 28 is from one person at one time and all from Europe.  The other 14 is from my swap buddies in Postcrossing and Postcrossing Enthusiasts. These twenty-eight … Continue reading

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The Ear of Dionysius, Neapolis, Sircusa, Italy

  One of the cards form Giuseppe Ricca According to legend, Dionysius, the tyrant (ruler) of Siracusa, kept prisoners inside this cave because its unusual acoustics allowed him to hear even the faintest of whispers uttered within. The famous Italian … Continue reading

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Taj Majal, Agra: A Glimpse

I’ve been longing for the day when I can receive a Taj Mahal postcard and that day came and it is today. Thank you to K Sridhar of Bangalore for graciously accepted my request for a swap of Taj Mahal … Continue reading

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Postcard from Minnesota, USA: Land of 10,000 Lakes

According to the postcard, Minnesota is a land of 10,000 lakes. I can just imagine the grand beauty of these places. Thank you Sis Hazel for sharing this beautiful nature card with me.

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Postcard Perfect # 21

My first PETRONAS TOWERS postcard. I got this through a private swap. I do not know where did Mr. Azman got my email address (yahoo one) but he emailed me asking for a swap for his daughter. I bet his … Continue reading

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Postcards from Northern Europe

I got hold of the cards that was posted for me and my daughter from Northern Europe last month.  Dimple’s Omi whom i fondly call Auntie Babie, went on a cruise aboard the Grand Princess together with her husband.  She … Continue reading

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Map Card: North Dakota, Peace Loving State

Hazel of My Roving Keepsake shared this mapcard.  It is always my wish to collect all state cards of mapcards of the US of A, she nicely asked me if I want one from where she is at now.  How … Continue reading

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Postcard Perfect # 4 – Golden temple of Amritsar

This is my first card from India. Received through a private swap at Postcrossing. It’s been many years i’ve been fascinated about the culture of the country and one day, I hope I will have the chance to see this … Continue reading

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Postcard Perfect # 2 – A Spring Festival Hi

~~~~~~ Here’s a card from Bacy. It so happened she dropped a hi on YM while i was preparing some cards to be mailed. Then the idea just popped up – she should send me a Spring festival card. Good … Continue reading

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Private Swap: Angkor Wat

I am excited to share with you one this card (one of the two) that i received simultaneously lately. It is heartwarming to find a friend (fellow postcrosser/blogger) that resides in Cambodia. Another thing we have in common is that … Continue reading

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