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  1. melandria says:

    Hi, hope you can add me too. Added you already. Thanks much!

  2. Lainy says:

    Hi Sis! I am here as requested 😉

    Thanks for the addie. Kindly edit it to Post-a-Postcard though Sis.


  3. Hi! I updated my blogspot page; it’s now


  4. Krissa says:

    Hello Arlene,

    Very neat and organized blogpage you have here 🙂

    I hope you can add me in your list of postcrossers. Thanks! 🙂


  5. Hi!
    You have a very neat, clean and amazingly sweet blog.
    I am a Postcrosser from Pakistan and I would love to get a place at your blogroll/ Postcrossers List!
    My primary postcards blog is @
    Currently I am working to collect postcards featuring all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the World on my UNESCO blog @ — Any help in this regard is always appreciated 🙂
    Best Regards

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