Taiwan: Liushidan Mountain, Lualien

A nice valley view of daylilly plantation (an edible flower) in Taiwain.  I just googled the place, and oh my, I wanna add it to my bucketlist. Just see the view —

 photo img225_zpspolxz6ej.jpgCN 1707025

This card was sent from Mainland China

 photo img226_zps3xfyndfg.jpg

Thank you Winnie!

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China | Shenyang City | Flower Park

 photo img227_zpsqvvj0sc9.jpgCN – 1731886

This is a card sent from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

 photo img228_zpsqp3eysxa.jpg

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USA | A cup of coffee, please!

One of the new categories I added in my Postcrossing profile is coffee and tea time.  And this postcard just melted my heart and sigh an awwwww 🙂  Thank you Cathi! So sweet of you for sending me one of my favorite themes.

Kona Coffee.  The only coffee that grows in the US of A particularly in Hawaii!

 photo img219_zps3fykeajd.jpgUS – 3562413

 photo img220_zpst2grxpqd.jpg

Cathi mailed another card together with this official card and I am dropping her a card soonest.

I love the cute stickers! Wow roses!


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Russia | Russian Child

Here’s another amazing postcard from Russia. A Russian girl in modern but richly colored dress. I am not sure if this a typical village girl or one of the rich children in the city. The sender did not explain much.

 photo img217_zps5j5lxi4i.jpgRU – 3924722

Stamps used:

 photo img218_zpsufkjov66.jpg

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Czech Republic | Holasovice

Another UNESCO site that arrived in the mail:

 photo img215_zpsm9p0nxx8.jpg

CZ – 682334

Sent by Andrea from Pribram, Czech Republic. According to her,this place, Holasovice is one of the most famous village in their country.

 photo img216_zps3fanok6s.jpg

Thank you Andrea for such a wonderful card. I also love the stamps, too! I think the big stamps is one special stamp.  The stickers are cute, too! 🙂

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Espania | Tenerife

I felt somewhat lucky to be receiving cards with covers these days.  One of the the interesting ones that arrived the past week is from Fernando of Tenerife, Espania!  This particular mail is not a private swap.  This is an official postcrossing postcard.  I really appreciate postcrossers who put their inspiring passion into this hobby – sharing the best of what they have.

Thank you Fernando for this wonderful postcard. Before I receive your card, I’ve never heard of Masca:

 photo img210_zpsqbmyq8al.jpg

ES – 368979

According to Wiki :

Masca is a small mountain village on the island of Tenerife. The village is home to around 100 inhabitants. The village lies at an altitude of 600 m in the Macizo de Teno mountains, which extend up to the northwesternmost point of Tenerife.

Masca can be found in Canary Islands. It is so interesting to read about the place.

The Cover —

 photo img211_zpshlnxht9b.jpg

 photo img212_zpsfg7kirxy.jpg

I thought the card only contain a card. But I was wrong. At first I thought that there’s only one lottery ticket. But tonight, upon check peeping into the envelope, I found three! Oh Fernando, muchos gracias, mi amigo!

The tickets –

 photo img213_zpsy4gzo2vt.jpg  photo img214_zpszwt20bnw.jpg

I owe this guy a nice postcard from my country. 🙂

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Wisconsin Mapcard | Proposal for a Postcard Penpal

One of the postcards I received last week (month of September) is from Cathi. Aww two actually. Her first card is an official Postcrossing postcard and the second one is this proposal for a postcard penpal. For sure I would accept. I will be mailing my first direct swap to her anytime this coming week.

 photo img151_zpsxmhessjv.jpg

 photo img152_zps4syicpu3.jpg

I think her card is so colorful. 🙂 Not to forget to mention her penmanship is so neat. 🙂

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Romania : Dream on Arlene

My ever wonderful postcard swap buddy from Romania always spoil me with wonderful Romanian postcards.  What I love about the cards he sent me is that, it’s his own take.  He made the pictures and have the pictures printed into high quality postcards.  I am just so lucky to befriend one of the famous photographers of Romania.  Thank you so much Marius for spoiling me for more.   I love each card you sent my way.  And I also hope that each card from my end brings a smile to your face anytime.

 photo img146_zpsurn7viol.jpg

 photo img147_zpscgw0cdpd.jpg

 photo img148_zpsqsue2fqb.jpg

 photo img149_zpsi1y8gsuj.jpg

Marius used new stamps, too! Wow! My heart swelled with happiness. ^&^

 photo img150_zpsc5n208ba.jpg

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Netherlands |Royal Couple | The Kiss

 photo img158_zpsci3pk7qf.jpgNL 3091497

Another “special card” sent by me from Netherlands. Royal family | Royal couple is one of my preference in my profile. And I really appreciate Jessica to share with me such a wonderful postcard, sent all the way from Netherlands with a cover.

 photo img159_zps6mg1cbbo.jpg

With it, Jessica also sent me some beautiful stamps. Actually I haven’t removed the small envelope from the back of the card yet because my stamp collection is still not arranged or categorized. I need a helluva of time to get it done. And who has time? Oh sad me.

The cover with pretty stamps –

 photo img156_zpsrd2jhgk6.jpg

 photo img157_zpsth7lkapt.jpg

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Bulgaria | Sofia | BG – 64797

In August, I received two covered postcards and one of them is from Bulgaria.  I really appreciate Postcrossers who took time to read my profile and adhere to my preference.  And in the same I also think if a postcrosser will send his/her card covered, then the kind of postcard they are sending is “rare” and “special”.

 photo img155_zpseune5lix.jpg BG – 64797

This card shows Nesebar, a famous tourist spot in the Black Sea. Nesebar is a UNESCO WHS since 1983.


 photo img153_zpsufm3twq3.jpg

The cover. Ain’t the doll stamp so cute? I so love it! And the cutie just makes me sighhhh ohh so cute! Thank you Diana.

 photo img154_zpssmkfdpz6.jpg

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Official Postcrossing Cards from Russia

I received two official Postcrossing postcards from Russia today.  The two cards were prepared on the 20th and the 21st of June.  Both cards are nice:

According to Maria, this is a lazy cat 🙂

 photo img021_zpsplbxuema.jpg

Such a cuddly little cat.


This is from Irina. A 56 year-0ld retired lady. She enjoys Postcrossing as much as she is hopelessly addicted to Korean dramas. I really laugh reading her that her love is Bae yong Joon because Bae is also my love. Ha ha ha

 photo img023_zpswqddvdvr.jpg

The Metro Station in Mira.
Built in 1951

These two cards have more something in common. They just don’t came from the same country, but both cards used a newly issued stamp , although I still cannot find it online the source of when was it issued and if it was a set.

Mary’s card got this –

 photo img022_zps4yd3qqtx.jpg

while Irina’s card had this –

 photo img024_zpsa6xvtkwp.jpg

The cord on the medal is embossed.  I bet this is a special issue to commemorate the fall of the Berlin wall.

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Mapcard USA: New Mexico

 photo img011_zpsha6ans3z.jpg

Not a detailed one but this will do already for my US mapcard collection. 🙂 Thank you Sha for sharing!

 photo img012_zpsnlxpyn9j.jpg

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I <3 Auckland, New Zealand!

A friend was traveling in the past month and she got this for me from Auckland!

 photo img013_zpsxhdgottf.jpg

I love the design.

Thank you Sis Jo for this and the other two that arrived weeks ahead.

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Greetings From (GF) Swaps

I have posted my GF for swap some weeks ago.  I posted around 11 cards the next day. Beginning July 21, I already received a few swaps and here are some of them.  I believe more are coming and I hope I will have also time to share it here in my blog.

Here are the first three, actually:

 photo img005_zpsy4lc0be1.jpg

– from USA with love 🙂 Thank you sis Willa!

 photo img007_zpsu7msalsc.jpg

– this one is from Poland. Thank you Gerie!

 photo img009_zpsbuwklwdz.jpg

– A UNESECO site card from Great Britain. Thank you Fjara!

By the way, my GF Philippines card is for swap with GF from the country I do not have its GF yet. Or a mapcard will also do, and UNESCO sites.

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Happy 10th Birthday Postcrossing!

I was reminded mid last week by a post that today, the 14th of July, is the birthday of Postcrossing.  Postcrossing is not a person, okey.  I think it is more like a hub.  A place where people register for free to be able to send a postcard to a random anyone in the world and at the same time also receives a postcard from a random postcrosser from anywhere in the world.

I’ve been a member of the club (club sounds better than thinking that Postcrossing is a person and is a he or a she), for almost six years.  I enjoyed each of the moments when I received a card or a bunch of cards.  That profound feeling that I don’t often feel each day, is what made me stick around.

I know it takes time and money to share happiness through this hobby, but then when you feel that happy feeling upon receiving a card in the mail, the moment is just priceless and you forget that you spent some fortune to buy neat and beautiful postcards and stamps.    So, I really owe the founder a very big thanks.  Warms hugs all the way from Iligan City, Philippines, Paulo.

I am a slow postcrosser.  Six years but my sent cards have not yet reached four hundred.  I can remember there was that one year when I was like on hiatus.  The year after, I started it with vigor and until this time, at least I dropped cards at the post office 2x per month.

As a happy postcrosser, I made a simple birthday greetings and it’s now posted in the birthday map.  It’s a thrill to know that I am cheering Postcrossing a birthday shout together with the members from 215 countries.

Here are some of the photos I made to chose from to be used as my greetings in the birthday map. 🙂

 photo DSC_0002_zpsvgehtcez.jpg



These are 50% of the postcards I received this year 2015 and 99% official postcrossing cards.  The other half (not in photo) were received through private swaps, travel tokens, and gifts .   I mount these cards on the wall to surround my simple printing birthday greetings to one of my fave websites in the whole wide world.

Shooting my collage did not give me a hard time.  But then, the next photos will show that it is hard to take a selfie with my greetings when using a DSLR. lols! Here are my tries:

collage 1 See upper the upper right pic. that is my first attempt to take a selfie with the greetings. and i only caught my eyes. second attempt resulted only in eyes & nose. The third attempt, I got half of my mouth. lol!  Observe the first three, the greetings in the middle is the focused.  So never mind if my face is not taken in full.  This one on the left, my whole face is caught but the greetings ended up blurred.

I was alone yet I was laughing at myself when doing all these selfies.  Around 80 shots were done but ended up deleted 80% of them. I might share in my other blog the shots that I thought are perfect for what I need at the moment.  Not the perfect for a professional photograher’s level.

All this crazyness I can do for the love of Postcrossing!

Lots of hurrahs to Postcrossing!  Cheers to more 10s to come.  Cheers also to all Postcrossers who made Postcrossing an awesome place to share a glimpse of where we are and give every recipient a smile on their face. 🙂




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