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Welcome to the world of postcards! Thank you for dropping by.

If you are interested for a private swap, please email me your postal address at with the subject POSTCARD EXCHANGE and i will write you back with my postal address.

Most of the time, those who make the request will mail me the postcard first then when i receive your posted card, I do send mine.

But if you are serious in this hobby, I know you will not fail me in the swap request.

Honesty is the best policy. =)

More cards…the merrier.

4 Responses to Contact Page

  1. Ludovina says:

    Hi, dear Postcrosser! I am going to send you a postcard as Potcrossing sent me your address. If you want to swap with me I’ll be happy. I’ll email you to the address you mention. I have no blog of my own but enjoy them very much and have many in my mail box. Now I’ll get yours, I hope. Best greetings from Portugal and Happy New Year. Carochinha.

    • admin says:

      @Ludovina, I replied to you through your email in yahoo. I will wait for your cards and I will send you two cards in return. 🙂

  2. anri says:

    hello! my name is Anri! I would like to exchange with you cards, look my site

  3. Krissa says:

    I really love how the organization of your page. I hope I can make mine as neat as yours! Added your blog to the list of blogs that I love. 🙂

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