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Special Cards Category for Swap

I am not very active this time with swapping that is why it takes time for my cards to grow.  I blame it on the constrains of time and also the availability of funds.  That is why when I have … Continue reading

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How Certifications From Microsoft Certification Exams Can Make Your Resume Shine

Your resume has to be spectacular if you want to get a job or even a job interview these days. Luckily, certifications from Microsoft Certification Exams can go a long way toward making your resume shine. Take a closer look … Continue reading

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Psychologist Says…

This can be a wonderful saying postcard. Cards like this is one of the categories I am in. But none has sent me one yet except for the Ad cards I had several years ago. Hopefully though I can find … Continue reading

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Virtual Travel Though Postcard One Card at a Time

I love beautiful postcards and this is just one of them.  I was in still in the elementary years when I received my first postcard and that card was from California.  A friend who used to be one of our … Continue reading

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Al Ain Palace Museum

This postcard is one of the 10 postcards sent by a friend working in Dubai. She sent it through someone who came home to the Philippines for vacation and that person was the one who mailed this to me through … Continue reading

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Wishing for a Disney World Postcard

It’s been awhile since I received a Mickey postcard from California. and even Florida.  2012 is here and I hope that someone can read this wish and I will be sent a beautiful postcard from there.  I am sure there … Continue reading

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