Holiday Shopping!

The holiday season is soon to end and I am not so happy because I have not yet shopped for cards.  I just love sending postcards to my regular swaps as well as to random strangers.  I’ve been to NBS last week, and unfortunately, their cards are out of stock.  I felt sad for companies not realizing that cards are as important as musical instruments.

The daughter wanted to go store hopping for musical instruments because she thinks that that the price is lower during the holiday season since many are out shopping. Well, I then saw this low price commitment online so I easily agreed with her.  Since we are leaving for Cebu tonight, I hope we will have time to go around tomorrow or before the trip back to Mindanao.

Below are some of the cards I received last month.  I think they are of superb view and that husky oh it’s love!

page 1

There are only a few more days before the 2015 ends.  Let me take this opportunity to thanks each of my Postcrossing friends and even random Postcrossing members for making my Postcrossing 2015 experience a wonderful and exciting one!

May 2016 brings in more card love to all of us!

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