Romania : Dream on Arlene

My ever wonderful postcard swap buddy from Romania always spoil me with wonderful Romanian postcards.  What I love about the cards he sent me is that, it’s his own take.  He made the pictures and have the pictures printed into high quality postcards.  I am just so lucky to befriend one of the famous photographers of Romania.  Thank you so much Marius for spoiling me for more.   I love each card you sent my way.  And I also hope that each card from my end brings a smile to your face anytime.

 photo img146_zpsurn7viol.jpg

 photo img147_zpscgw0cdpd.jpg

 photo img148_zpsqsue2fqb.jpg

 photo img149_zpsi1y8gsuj.jpg

Marius used new stamps, too! Wow! My heart swelled with happiness. ^&^

 photo img150_zpsc5n208ba.jpg

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