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I am not very active this time with swapping that is why it takes time for my cards to grow.  I blame it on the constrains of time and also the availability of funds.  That is why when I have enough funds, I splurge on postal stamps supply so that when I can send out cards, I can do so anytime, and not wait for the payday which is at the end of the month.

Lately, I made two categories of swap cards in my Facebook account and that is the general card and the special card category.  My special cards are the ones that are larger than the usual cards I buy in the bookstore and they are of best quality. I do not mean that my general swap cards are of low quality, they are good, but not as so good as the special ones.

This card I am sharing here has been in my stock for quite sometime and no one really cared to swap with it. So I included it in one of the “spccial cards” because of it’s size and the object you can see in it. You can use this card in two themes – the beach and boats. I love boats so this is one of my favorites.

 photo elnidopalawanmint_zpsfe201a2d.jpg

It’s been awhile since I travelled on a big passenger boat to Manila, an almost two hours plane ride away to be reached by boat in 2 nights and 3 days. There are those who traveled with families so they bring their car along. I am reminded to click here for car shipping my friend who traveled from Mindanao to Luzon by car, was preparing his route.  He used shipping services to bring him to the other big island to continue the journey.

How about you? when was the last time you traveled on a passenger boat?

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