Virtual Travel Though Postcard One Card at a Time


I love beautiful postcards and this is just one of them.

 I was in still in the elementary years when I received my first postcard and that card was from California.  A friend who used to be one of our schoolmate moved to the States with her family.  I was so touched when she remembered us during the year.  I then thought that wow even though she has not written to us for quite sometime but with that postcard, we felt that the long month of not hearing from her was compensated with that Mickey Hi from Disneyland.

Since that time, every postcard that I received is being kept.  Before I formally decided to be an official postcard collector, I already have a few in my collection.  It was not until I graduated from college that I really did the serious collecting.  Thanks to my first postcard swapping buddy from New Jersey, I owe her my almost a hundred postcard from all over the world but mostly from NY and NJ.  Then three years ago, I discovered Postcrossing and I received my 200th postcard just weeks ago.  Sound a little number when you thinking of three years, but one year of that I was on hibernation, so not a single postcard was sent.

Tomorrow I have a scheduled trip to the post office and I am going to send more or less twenty cards.  Then on the 12th I hope to mail more than that, too.  My cards supply are getting smaller in number so I need to shop for more supplies.   I then discovered that I can shop for cards even if I do not have to go out to the bookstore because the store is just online. If you are like me that has little time to go out and buy postcard supplies then better check out post cards overnight.  I still have not decided though which of my photos I am going to use.   I have a few pictures of my own and I will also try to ask friends if they want their photos to be used in a postcard.

I am passionate in my collection in spite of my load of work.  I wish sometime in my life, I could spend time to check out and study each of my cards.  Reading about them and discovering each of this places makes me feel like I am also traveling.  It’s a nice virtual travel actually and I vow I’ll forever be a post card collector.


Here’s another fave card of mine. 🙂

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