Sights of Sydney, Australia


Another beautiful multi-view card from Australia. It shows the Sydney Opera House, the Circular Quay, the Darling Harbour and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

All my cards from Australia showed places that is really to be visited in case me and my daughter will have the chance to visit Australia someday. Surely we are going to see Ate Leah, the one who sent this, and of course my daughter’s cousins and family. I can imagine that it will be fun-filled time.

So much of dreaming to be there because my friends out there are also dreaming to be home soon. They miss the Philippines especially Christmas time. They miss Filipino Christmas in the Philippines – the food, the people, the fun, the decors, the noise and  in that noise – that includes the endless singing at night. Thanks to home karaoke for making the endless singing no matter what time in the night is — Filipinos just love to sing.  I conclude that people from this corner of the globe is blessed to have a wonderful voices.  And because of home karaoke people just love to sing even if their voices are not that pleasant to hear. lol!

Ask me if I enjoy home karaoke?  Then I would say – not really.  I have a phobia with microphone. lol!  Yea, I don’t sing much with mics.  I always sing in the shower and I can sing at the top of my voice when it’s only me who can hear it.

Thank you Ate Leah for this postcard!

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