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Viana do Castelo, Portugal

This beautiful postcard is received through a Private Swap. I remember that I was the first one who sent her a bookmark and postcard per request and I totally forgot about it. Had she not sent me a bookmark then … Continue reading

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Cover from Portugal

This is a private swap cover from Portugal. In it is a postcard and a bookmark. Here’s the bookmark: The sender collects bookmark so I sent her one together with a postcard many months ago.

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TN Card: Lovable Kitty

This kitty is just so cute that is why I picked it as the picture for a TN card that will be sent to me.  I got this one together with other 6 TN cards I received days ago. I … Continue reading

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Trip to the Post Office: Posting and Getting Mails

Yesterday, I made sure I made time to go to the post office.  I was sure that I have cards waiting for me there and indeed their were twelve (12) cards!  I was so happy.  They were composed of seven … Continue reading

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Camels in the Desert!

Camels! So beautiful. Sent from Dubai and Mrs. P said that camels are one of the hard working animals in the world. I bet so, because they are used by some people for money – they stood there and a … Continue reading

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Olympic Water Race

LT 220802 I love this card for two things. First, it is a postcard of boats and second, it is my second TN postcard. Sent by Erika all the way from Lithuania through TN The back note says: Hello Arlene, … Continue reading

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New York New York

Two postcards from NY that arrived together. Luckily they are from one person – Dinna, a Filipino postcard collector that resides in New York City. We met through Facebook and I am just so happy because she gave me a … Continue reading

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Ola Barcelona!

Sent by a great friend all the way from Barcelona while she was having a grand time vacationing last summer.  I was really touched by her thoughtfulness — remembering me while on vacation and to prove that, I got this … Continue reading

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A Village Man

  Sent from India and this is one of my favorite cards.  The face of a village man.  He is a man full of wisdom pertaining to the culture of his village.  I bet he is farmer or a businessman … Continue reading

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Chhatris – Tombs of Kings

Chattris, Orchha Madya Pradesh, Northern India  Who would have think that these golden temples are tombs of kings! Anu sent this for swap and she said that these places are tombs but they very beautiful. I know this place is … Continue reading

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I wanna Learn to Play the Piano

My daughter can fairly play the piano now and I jokingly asked her if she can tutor me the basics.  She said that she is very busy and she can’t do that.  She even suggested I will enroll under her … Continue reading

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Indian Paint Brush

CA – 268345 This card came from Canada through Postcrossing.  My first flower postcard from that country.  Nicole is from Northern BC Canada.   Maybe one day I will send her one of my Philippine postcards since she has never … Continue reading

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Little Boats from Poland

PL – 503570 Sent by Anna of Poland. The note at the back of the card reads: Hi! My name is Anna and I’m 18.  I’m a scout.  I love to travel on foot or by bike.  My hobby is … Continue reading

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Outdoor Musical Concert

I love outdoor concerts and to make it really memorable to a visitor, organizers must make sure that they have a powerful Loudspeaker Management System. Why? so that even those who were sitting at the rear part of the concert … Continue reading

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US Flag & Capitol

US – 1800241 I already have a few US Capitol postcards, but receiving this a day before the 9/11 anniversary was touching. It reminds me the braveness of the nation when it was attacked by terrorists that took almost three … Continue reading

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