San Xavier Del Bac Mission


The last of the four cards Jean-Claude sent me. By the way, he sent me 4 and from different states. Like this one is from Arizona, and one is from Texas, one is from Georgia, and a mapcard of New Mexico.

According to the card, San Xavier Del Bac Mission is a National Historic Site in Arizona. It was founded in 1692 and is considered one of the finest example of mission architecture in the US. Construction of the present church is believed to have taken place from the late 1770’s until 1794. Because of the beautiful interior art, the mission has been referred to as the  Sistine Chapel of the US.  The church is still an active Catholic Parish for the native Tohono O’odham people.

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3 Responses to San Xavier Del Bac Mission

  1. wow! interesting! at first look,I thought it’s a church somewhere in europe,I didn’t know it’s from US. so nice!

  2. jared's mum says:

    this one is a beautiful church postcard, sis! + what a generous swap mate you’ve got there, do you mind sharing his details with me ^_^

    stopping by from postcard perfect, hope you can check out my entry, too! 🙂

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