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Postcard Perfect: Hindu Shrine: Festival of Thaipusam (Malaysia)

The Hindu religious festival of Thaipusam is celebrated annually at the Batu Caves, located 11 kms north of the city of Kuala Lumpur, where ascending the 272 steps to the top, the visitor will find a Hindu Shrine. I received … Continue reading

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Postcrossing/ Postcrossing Enthusiasts Eyeball

Postcrossing – Philippines and Postcrossing Enthusiasts  in Facebook met last November 23, 2011 at the Manila Central Post Office Museum.   It was a grand time! Though I did not stay that long or until the group dispersed but I was … Continue reading

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Towers by the Charles Bridge, Prague

  Thank you Gizelle for sharing this beautiful postcard. 🙂

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Denny Chimes

  Denny Chimes has become a symbol of the University of Alabama.  Erected in honor of one of the state’s most outstanding educators, the late Dr. George Denny. The chimes form the hub of the institution’s steadily expanding campus.

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Alabama State Docks

  Laura Marcath send me a couple of this postcard.  I think it is one of her old collections of Alabama postcards.  Thanks to her for sharing. The card says: The State owned and operated Alabama State Docks, have grown … Continue reading

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Morocco Postcards

  I received my first postcards from Morocco.  They were from Doudi in private swap.    Foire de Fes, 1926 This is what wiki says for tannerie (tanning) Tanning is the making of leather from the skins of animals which does … Continue reading

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Khoo Kongsi Temple, Malaysia

  This card shows  a UNESCO site.  Sent by Sally of Malaysia during the September general swap (RR: UNESCO site). According to wikipedia: The Khoo Kongsi (Chinese: 邱公司; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Khu-kong-si) is a large Chinese clanhouse with elaborate and highly ornamented … Continue reading

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Postcard Perfect: Regina, Saskatchewan

According to Wiki: Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada. The city is the second largest of the province and is a cultural and commercial centre for southern Saskatchewan. Thank you both (Ulee & Che2) for sharing this guard and … Continue reading

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Cover from Morocco

  (front) (back)

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Sunrise or Sunset?

  I cannot decipher if this is sunrise or sunset.  The card does not tell. I also can’t remember who sent me this.  But thanks anyway.  This is one of my faves. 🙂

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Vulcan @ Birmingham Alabama

  “Vulcan, the largest iron man in the world, is 50′ tall and weighs 120,000 pounds.  The statue is mounted on a 120′ pedestal atop Red Mountain overlooking Birmingham.  It typifies the natural resources found in this region.  The only … Continue reading

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Cover from Romania


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Cover Collection

I never thought that I would swap using covers because I thought a stamped and posted card naked is the coolest.  But then when I had several loses I decided to give in to swap cards in more than one … Continue reading

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Heart from Buffalo, New York

  Description: BUFFALO – Truly the “Monarch of the Plains,”  the Buffalo, once nearly extinct has made a remarkable recovery through concerned planning and now may be seen in large herds in Western New York. Thank you Jayme for sharing.  … Continue reading

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Philippine Postcard: Art Sculpture

  Thank you Sheng for sharing this another unique Philippine postcard. The back of the card with a not common stamp:)

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