Postcard from Vietnam – PPF # 002


Here is my first card from Vietnam.  This is sent by Sheng of Sheng’s Simple Thoughts.  She is a fellow Filipina blogger and she liked sharing some cards with me after she sent me 2 cards from Riga, Latvia, just before they went back to Australia.

Sometime end of last year, i have wondered where in the world is Sheng now.  Her blog has not been updated since middle of last year.  Her last post was May.   I heard of the flood in Queensland earlier this year made me really think about her and often visited her blog, but not a single post.  I really wonder where she is now.  All i hope she is happy with her Kaiden and husband everywhere they are.

She mailed this from Queensland, Australia and now i am reminded that possibly she mailed this just around the time of her last post.  Her last post is May 12 and this card arrived in my city on May 21.

Here’s the note at the back of the card:

I think she is just a sweet girl.  🙂  I tried finding her on Facebook but the thing is, i do not know her real name and family name.  In her blog, she is just Mrs. G – which i think means Mrs. gorgeous.

When i think of her, i do miss her. I miss her updates actually.  Before i go to bed, let me share this friendship thought:

People say true friends must always hold hands,
but true friends don’t need to hold hands
because they know the other’s
hand will always
be there.


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7 Responses to Postcard from Vietnam – PPF # 002

  1. Lainy says:

    Mummy Sheng is such a sweet and nice woman! She’s one of my pioneering buddies at the blogs. I still keep visiting her blog (she’s in my blogroll) though it hasn’t been updated for quite some time now. I hope all is ok with her and her family. Kaiden must be a grown up by now.

    You’re right! G stands for Gorgeous but I call her Mummy Sheng, hehe! She’s one of the nicest and genuine pals I’ve had at the blogs.

  2. Snap says:

    Beautiful and lovely sentiment to your friend. I hope you find her. Happy PFF!

  3. It’s a very beautiful card. I do hope your friend is OK. Let’s hope she just tired of blogging.

  4. Heather says:

    That is a beautiful card. the blue is so vivid.

  5. Hazelicious says:

    I hope she’s just fine, sis Arlene. My husband wants to go to Vietnam. He’s been stationed there once when he was in the service. I might as well try their cuisine. My Postcard Friendship Friday ENTRY is up. Thanks!

  6. Lovely postcard! I hope you and your friend would be able to get in touch soon. 🙂

  7. Your lucky to have a friend like her who think of sending you a card whenever they go travel. 🙂

    My Postcard Friendship Friday.

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