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Postcard Perfect # 17 – Hong Kong, China

HK – 32918 Sender: Jim This is my first card from Hong Kong, China. According to Wiki, Hong Kong is one is one of the two special administrative regions (SARs) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and currently divided … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Card (1986)

  This is the oldest Mickey Mouse card in my collection.  I received it from one of my childhood friends not long after they moved to California. Look closely into the stamp for the date she sent me this card: … Continue reading

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Postcard Exchange (2011) # 1

Thank you Mrs. M for this beautiful postcard. I decided to post each of your postcard that you will send me. It may not be weekly because of the time the mail works but be assured i will have an … Continue reading

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Cards Posted!

Yesterday, i mailed a thicker bunch of cards (23 pcs) as it was my first posting (mailing) for the month of June. I mailed 6 cards to North America, 6 to Europe, 5 to countries within Asia and 6 to … Continue reading

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Postcard Perfect # 16 – Orta San Giulio, Italy

IT – 134349 Sender: Rossano This is a multi-view of Orta San Giulio, a small town and municipality located in Northern Italy.Rossano said that the town is on a shore of Lake Orta and surrounded by hills and mountains. Not … Continue reading

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Happy Postcrosser

This is just a report because for two batches now, I haven’t taken a photo of the cards.  My mem card is full (needs to be reformatted).  I will have it reformatted after i can burn the pictures in a … Continue reading

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Postcard from San Francisco, California – PPF # 01

This will be my first share at Postcard Friendship Friday.  Thanks to my fellow postcrosser friends who has joined this Friday meme.  They inspire me to join.  Blog hopping is one cross for a meme joiner, but i promise I … Continue reading

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Postcard Perfect # 15 – NL 663388

A spring card from Netherlands (Holland). One of the cards i received in the month of May. The pink flower is just so dainty. This is the first Gerbera flower card i got from Holland. Several cards i got from … Continue reading

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50 US States

1-AL-Alabama 2-AK-Alaska 3-AZ-Arizona 4-AR-Arkansas 5-CA-California 6-CO-Colorado 7-CT-Connecticut 8-DE-Delaware 9-FL-Florida 10-GA-Georgia 11-HI-Hawaii 12-ID-Idaho 13-IL-Illinois 14-IN-Indiana 15-IA-Iowa 16-KS-Kansas 17-KY-Kentucky 18-LA-Louisiana 19-ME-Maine 20-MD-Maryland 21-MA-Massachusetts 22-MI-Michigan 23-MN-Minnesota 24-MS-Mississippi 25-MO-Missouri 26-MT-Montana 27-NE-Nebraska 28-NV-Nevada 29-NH-New Hampshire 30-NJ-New Jersey 31-NM-New Mexico 32-NY-New York 33-NC-North Carolina 34-ND-North Dakota … Continue reading

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The Golden Triangle

  The Golden Triangle in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania As printed in the card: PITTSBURGH’S SKYLINE.  This helicopter view shows off the unequaled skyline of Pittsburgh, fame by her three rivers: Alleghenny (left), Monongahela (right), which forms the headwaters of the 981 … Continue reading

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Apsara Dancing Card

  APSARA DANCE photo by: Vathana A Cambodian/Khmer classical dance. Sent from Pnom Penh, Cambodia by Cheerful. Thank you so much Sis Cheerful for this Cambodian card. I am just a bit sad because i think the other card was … Continue reading

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Postcard Perfect # 14 – LU 9000

Thanks to my postcrossing Wall, I can grab any card to be posted here. I am making this post away from my laptop. I have computer/connection problem from my own nook, so here I am at the REgistrar’s office using … Continue reading

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Map Card: North Dakota, Peace Loving State

Hazel of My Roving Keepsake shared this mapcard.  It is always my wish to collect all state cards of mapcards of the US of A, she nicely asked me if I want one from where she is at now.  How … Continue reading

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Postcard Perfect # 13

This is card postcrossing card from Japan number 169225.  If you look closely you can see that it is unlikely a view of Japan and you are right.  The card shows a street marker in Switzerland but sent from Japan … Continue reading

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