Russia: Holiday Greetings

This card was mailed in December 2016. And I got hold of it just yesterday. It took so long, but at least it arrived.

 photo img015_zps0brbapnf.jpgRU – 5325255

Stamps used:

 photo img016_zpsryoe8nr6.jpg

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Finland: Midsummer Night

One of the cards I received the other day. A midsummer night postcard from Finland.

 photo img017_zpsxtqzqvoh.jpg

FI – 2922245

The sender wrote: Terveisia Suomesta! (Greetings from Finland!)

I loved the stamps she used as it is the flag of Finland.

 photo img018_zpsfu9jfkq4.jpg

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Japan | Sent with Love

Shouting out lot of love to sister Clarissa (Clang) in Iwaki, Fukushima! This card is one of the cards that I picked at the post office today. It shows a scenic view of the mountainous area of Tohoku REgion, Yamagata Prefecture.

 photo img021_zpsr0l5ss7x.jpg

She came here last summer to to support her daughter and her daughter’s choral buddies in a competition. I will ask her later if the place will be like a winter wonderland even during the summer.

And the stamps? They are all so cute especially the one with flowers. 🙂

 photo img022_zpsy2xnqrzd.jpg

Again, thank you so much, Sis Clang! <3

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Postcrossing Stats

As a Postcrossing member and postcard lover, I really do not mind my stats.  I just sent out because I love doing it and the happiness I felt when I received a card is priceless.  But today, please allow me to share my stats.  This is as of Dec. 28, 2015:



I wish I have sent more. But at least I can say this one’s is better compared to the year before.

It’s just a couple of days before the 2015 ends, so I could no longer mail more even though how much I wanted it.  But I promise myself that, mailing postcards will be one of the big things I will do when 2016 starts.

I also need another day to sort out and file all the cards I this year.  Laters yeah!


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Holiday Shopping!

The holiday season is soon to end and I am not so happy because I have not yet shopped for cards.  I just love sending postcards to my regular swaps as well as to random strangers.  I’ve been to NBS last week, and unfortunately, their cards are out of stock.  I felt sad for companies not realizing that cards are as important as musical instruments.

The daughter wanted to go store hopping for musical instruments because she thinks that that the price is lower during the holiday season since many are out shopping. Well, I then saw this low price commitment online so I easily agreed with her.  Since we are leaving for Cebu tonight, I hope we will have time to go around tomorrow or before the trip back to Mindanao.

Below are some of the cards I received last month.  I think they are of superb view and that husky oh it’s love!

page 1

There are only a few more days before the 2015 ends.  Let me take this opportunity to thanks each of my Postcrossing friends and even random Postcrossing members for making my Postcrossing 2015 experience a wonderful and exciting one!

May 2016 brings in more card love to all of us!

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China | GF China

This one took awhile to reach me because Min’s order has not yet arrived from Poland at the time of our swap. But I never mind the delay because the card eventually arrived and…

 photo img245_zpswllxamzv.jpg

the stamps used are so cute! I love boats and boat-themed card is also one category in my collection.

 photo img246_zpsmd04fkfd.jpg

Thank you Minh!

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GF Estonia

 photo img243_zpsxv5pjowo.jpg

I was so happy when someone agreed for a swap with GF-Philippines for a GF-Estonia. OH, but that mark on the front of the card.

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Taiwan | Art Cards

Today is October 21 and I received a few postcards – five (5) exactly. Two of them came from Taiwn.  One is an art card and the other one is of a cat 🙂


TW – 1740674
From Debby



TW – 1740708
From: Nicole


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USA | New York

One of the cards I received on World Post Day!

 photo img267_zps0277tiqr.jpg

A hi from Mommy Jessica in NY, USA!

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GF Belarus

 photo img247_zpstena9fen.jpg

I am excited to see my GF cards. I have more than three (3) for now. 🙂 More are coming. yepeee

 photo img248_zps6ymaql94.jpg

Thank you Ana for swapping with me.

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Romania | More of It

Early last month, I posted Romania: Dream on Arlene!  A post with several images that will make you wish you visit Romania.  Weeks after, I received a couple more from Marius. 🙂

Check this out!

 photo img261_zpsviqg5v4s.jpg

 photo img259_zpspdw0en7y.jpg

Their rivers are alive. The countryside is lush green.

The stamps Marius used, are the following and I think it completed the set –

 photo img262_zpscnlbiexk.jpg

 photo img260_zpsdg2bpiic.jpg

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GF Poland

This is an official GF Poland.

 photo img251_zps0ktzwvqf.jpg

Sent by Gosia all the way from Poland!

 photo img252_zpsgtrulmjw.jpg

I am really happy that I have a GF Philippines. It allows me to swap with GF that I do not have.

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GF Indonesia

Yay! I now have a GF Indonesia. Stamped and sent from Indonesia!

 photo img253_zpsirda2wve.jpg

Thank you Fida!

 photo img254_zps4zb2fevg.jpg


*This GF card is officially designed by

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Malta | 50 Maltese Islands

 photo img240_zps30vo434m.jpg

Sent by my Kuro friend, Josephine, from one of her cruise stops!

 photo img242_zpstwkr67nl.jpg

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Greetings From: Michigan Mapcard

Another card came in with cover.  It is an official Postcrossing envelope from Jeff White of Michigan, USA.   The envelope contains the following:

1.  The Mapcard

 photo img235_zpslj1tznjr.jpg

2. A letter – interesting description of the state of Michigan and the body of water that surrounds the state.

 photo img237_zpsgecljv4w.jpg

3. An FDC which contain several used stamps. 🙂 (oh i felt so special) 🙂

 photo img236_zpsueal38yo.jpg
4. A tourist or visitors information of water adventures in Michigan:

 photo img238_zpsihlizgru.jpg

Thank you so much Mr. Jeff White for these collectible items.  My heart is overflowing with gratitude and happiness.  You will hear from me soon through a Philippine postcard. 🙂

Here’s the envelope that contains the above items –

 photo img239_zpsnb1opnis.jpgThe lighthouse stamps! Oh i just love it!

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